• Design logos to coordinate with each other and existing logo
  • The Farmer & The Fox Restaurant Logo
  • Butterscots Bakery & Deli Logo
  • Rosgal Mercantile Logo
  • Cairdean Vineyards Logo
  • Monument Sign Design
  • Rack Card

Cairdean Winery Estate | St. Helena, California

Monument sign for Cairdean Winery Estate using reclaimed barn wood and steel.

Cairdean Winery Estate

Cairdean Winery Estate already had an existing logo for their wine, but because they had recently started to expand their property, they needed logos developed for the different businesses that would coordinate with the existing Celtic knot logo.

The problem: Design logos to coordinate with each other yet stand apart as separate businesses on the estate. The logos must also compliment the existing Cairdean knot design.

I started by updating the main Cairdean Logotype with a different font to look similar to what they had before. This font is more substantial, timeless and elegant.

The Butterscots Bakery & Deli logo mimics the original Celtic knot. It's got the twists and turns like a knot, but looks like a bread ring. It certainly conveys "bakery".

The Rosgal Mercantile twists and turns on its knot are perfect for an upscale boutique, unique but still looks like it belongs on the same property as the other Cairdean entities.

The Farmer & The Fox logo is bold and looks good in the low-lighted restaurant and pub. Not too fussy, just enough character and coordinates nicely with the other logos on the property.

The Cairdean Winery Estate Sign is made of repurposed wood from a barn that had been on the Cairdean property. It's a perfect combination of modern, traditional, rustic, and elegant. 

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