Wine Label Design: Developing a story and conveying it through art & design.


Client: Joya Wine Company

  • Task:

  • Update Logo

  • Redesign wine label

  • Help develop the "story"

I presented the wines to some distributors in Upstate NY and they bought it all. How’s that?!
— Russell Joy, President & General Manager of Joya Wine Company | Sonoma, California

Before the label redesign .....

Before the label redesign .....

Joya Wine Company | Wine Label Redesign

Joya had plans to bottle a higher quality wine and the previous Joya wine label did not reflect a higher quality or a higher priced wine.

The previous label had no story to tell, but after learning about the Joys, their family's history, and after researching the area that the family originated from in Italy, Linn Design Studio helped write the story worth telling.



Joya Wine Company's distributor suggested a better label would help him sell the Joya wine at a higher price. So Linn Design Studio was brought in to give the label an update.




When the Gioia family (pronounced JOY-A) emigrated from Sicily, Italy to the United States, they simplified the family name to JOY. Three generations later, Russel Joy is continuing the winemaking family business. He is proud of his Sicilian roots and wanted to reflect that on the label.


Inspired by the famous Caltagirone Steps in Sicily, we created an elegant embossed background based on one of the actual tiles from the famous steps. We kept the signature large "J" which appeared on the original label, but added character and made it unique to Joya. The result is not only elegant and appropriate for the delicious wine inside, but also is appropriate for the higher pricepoint. It was completely sold out!

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