Linn Design Studio Presentation to Napa's Cultural Heritage Commission

Did you know that Napa has several historic districts? I didn't. That is - until I was asked to help make the City of Napa's Cultural Heritage Commission's idea come to life.

City of Napa:

The Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC) came up with the idea of adding signs in Napa to highlight the different districts - in 2012!

In July 2016, I was asked to lend my expertise in creating a sign program that the City of Napa would be proud of. After lots of research, sketches, presentations of concepts, and refinements, we're nearing the end of the process. I'll be presenting my final Historic District Signage program to the CHC for approval tonight. Please stop in to see the complete project and lend your support.

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Update ....

Napa's Cultural Heritage Commission unanimously voted to accept the design, as proposed. Next stop .... Napa City Council. Read more about Linn Design Studio's Historic Sign Program for the City of Napa in the Napa Valley Register.

Environmental Graphics for the City of Napa

Meeting Info:
Cultural Heritage Commission Meeting
Thursday, January 12th
5:30 pm
Napa City Council chambers
955 School Street, Napa

Close up detail of the environmental graphics sign program for the City of Na[a

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