A brand is so much more than a logo

We may start with a logo, but a good brand strategy includes so much more.

When developing a brand identity program, I take the time to learn about your business, your needs and who your target customer is.  

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Amy is a talented graphic designer with strong visual instincts and experience in a wide range of projects. Amy’s skills go beyond visual design elements, however. Her ability to understand how a project fits into broader goals allows her to create materials that are beautiful and also truly work for the client.
— Kara Brunzell | Napa County Landmarks
Rebranding our company was an unattained goal for years. Amy simplified this overwhelming process; provided multiple creative and original options; and facilitated a complete brand overhaul. From Campus Signage and Color Selection to Business Cards and Stationary, Amy led us through the design process and delivered a memorable new brand. Thank you, Amy!
— Christoper Tibbits, Vice President | RSA+

How does you brand look across the board?

What message is your brand sending? Signage, collateral, website, business cards & stationary? I work with you as your consultant and as your graphic designer to make sure it all works together and tells the story of your brand. Your customer should be able to determine, just by looking, what your brand's character is. 

Have you gained a repeat customer?

By having a memorable brand, one that is clearly defined and reinforced across all media, you grab the attention of consumers. If their experience with your business or product is positive, they'll want to seek you out again and again. Make your brand identity something they'll remember so they can find you.