Collateral Design & Other Design Projects

Building A Memorable Brand

When building a memorable brand, look to your graphic designer to make sure everything you show to your potential customer truly represents YOU. It's not enough to use "your" color or your logo to build your brand. Your graphic designer will help you choose the right materials, fonts, coordinating colors and even context to convey your brand's message.

Building a consistent message is crucial to building a strong brand.

Want to see more?

See some samples of branding projects such as RSA+ [ rebranding a small business ] where I helped with naming, logo development, campus design development, signage, paint color choices, and print materials. I continue to be a consultant for them and am currently working on a website redesign and have recently designed job site signage to further enhance their brand presence on their jobsites.

Or check out Clean Slate Esthetics where I designed their logo and then put it to use when I created their menu of services. You can see their logo design and how they were applied to collateral materials here.

When Cairdean Winery Estate was developing their large property, they needed logos to coordinate with their existing logo. I helped them with logos, signage and collateral for an overall coordinated brand design for a winery | estate | restaurant | shopping business in the Napa Valley.

Joya Wine Company needed to update their wine package design. Linn Design Studio gave the brand character by honing in on the family's Sicilian roots.

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