The Back Label Can Be Beautiful Too

All The Little Details

There is certain, required copy that must, by law, appear on every wine label. It's part of the total package design so why not make it look beautiful too? 

In this example, I show the Po•lyph•o•ny Pinot Noir package.

La Rochelle Winery didn't want a lot of "romance copy" on the back - pretty much just the required info. So, I designed this label so that all the mandatory information that's usually an afterthought when it comes to design, is incorporated into the back label in such a way that the back label looks just as good as the front.

When La Rochelle Wines displays this bottle, both the front and the back label make just as much impact. They can display either side with pride!

Linn Design Studio _ Polyphony_2
Linn Design Studio _ Polyphony 4


Produced & bottled by
Government Warning
Alcohol Content
Type of Wine
Container’s Net Content

Linn Design Studio_Polyphony_1

Oh, and by the way, Po•lyph•o•ny is an amazing bottle of California Pinot Noir and definitely one to add to your cellar!